Monday, June 24, 2013

What Was on TV June 10-16, 1978

Okay, I know it's been over 2 months.  But I'm full of excuses.  My PC was down for a month of that time after a harddrive failure.  Then I was on vacation for 2 weeks of the other month.  The remaining 2 weeks, I'll just throw to the wind and blame life in general.

I'll mark my return with another installment of What Was on TV.  This time, it's June 10-16, 1978.  I generally try to align these with the actual week, but I'm a week late.  But let's face it, this TV Guide is already 15 years out of date, so does it really matter?

This cover reminds me of television's UFO fascination of the 1970's, almost rivaling that  I recall watching shows like In Search Of and Project Blue Book.  I also recall being terrified I was going to be abducted.  Thanks TV!

A promo article for Rob Reiner's new series, "Free Country".  The premise sounds interesting, but it lasted 5 episodes.

A comparison to 2013 Rob Reiner

To be honest, after the first Jaws, I still didn't think it was safe to go back in the water.

Another sign this is 1978 -- embracing the sun..and the rib cage.

And if you overdid it...

Of course, my favorite day of the week.

Yes you are...

Trims away fat...and life.

Seeing this RC car ad reminded me of my first.  These "steered" by backing up in a circles. The next direction you went depended on how long you reversed.  Otherwise, they just went forward.  No speed control or turning while you were going forward.

At first, I thought "1968: A Crack in Time" was one of those time travel movies the 70's were so famous for where the hero goes back in time to change the past, ultimately failing.  Turns out, it's just another documentary.

Actionline with Larry Connors.  Connors maintained his position at Channel 4 until last month when he was fired for posting some accusations against the IRS on Facebook last month.  Talk Back, but watch what you say.

 The Television Crossword for the week.  Test your 1970's TV knowledge.  Print out and enjoy!

The feature article

Take my advice: do not try the "Picnic Loaf".

The guy on the right reminds me: Have you seen the new Anchorman 2 trailer yet?  I can't be certain, but I think that's Erin "Wilma Deering " Gray.  Or Erin "Kate Summers" Gray, if you were a Silver Spoons fan.

Well, that's it for this installment of What Was on TV.   We now return you to your life, already in progress.


  1. wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT: larry connors was FIRED?
    that guy was around FOR. EV. ER!

    also, in no particular order:

    1) i can still sing that solarcaine jingle, can you?
    2) personally still afraid to go in the ocean
    3) rather excited about Anchorman 2

    1. >wait, wait, wait, wait, WAIT: larry connors was >FIRED?

      Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES.
      1) No, but now I must find it.
      2) Same here. I'll go in up to my stomach, that's about it.
      3) I am too. Hope they don't mess it up.

  2. i can't find the jingle - the internet is letting me down!


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