Friday, January 24, 2014

Wish Book

I found this memory book at an estate sale last Saturday.  It was $1.50 and seemed worth saving.  It was made especially for students of Froebel School for the class year of 1947/48.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Teaching your Parakeet to Talk

I found this record at an estate sale yesterday.  I like to pick up odd records like this just out of curiosity.  It's a 78 record which most likely places it pre-1950's.

It features repetitive phrases which theoretically when played in the presence of your parakeet would teach him to mimic the words (or drive him mad).  I wonder how many lonely men just played this record solely for companionship -- no bird required.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Hey Bing!

I bought this record at an estate sale today.  It was $1 and I think you'll agree it was worth every penny (or at least most of them).

As you might guess, "Hey Jude/Hey Bing" features Bing Crosby's cover of The Beatles' "Hey Jude".  It's actually not too terrible of a cover, although Bing goes into a little Drummer Boy "pom pom pom pom" during the "Na, na, na, na" part.  I wonder if he had a Shatner moment: "I don't say 'Na', I say 'Pom.'  And of course, Bing's crooning is smoother and more laid back than Paul's raspy take on the song.  The record was still sealed, so it was in excellent condition, although it strangely didn't have an inner sleeve.


Tuesday, January 7, 2014

What was on TV January 7th through 13th, 1978

The holidays are officially over and with snow piled a foot outside my door what else is there to do but take another trip down TV memory lane.  This week it's January 1978 featuring the Happy Days gang.

Shirley Temple movies are another series kids today will never see.  My mom is Shirley's age and always related to her so we always watched them.

This Saturday morning lineup is a mystery to me.  Superwitch?  Bang-Shang Lalapalooza? Skatebirds? C.B. Bears?  Muhammad Ali?  It's like I was in a coma for a year and didn't watch Saturday morning TV.  There was a year my mom changed grocery shopping to Saturday mornings.  I'm guessing this has to be when it was.  It was the only time I missed a Saturday morning marathon.  Oh, who am I kidding.  It was an entire Saturday day marathon.

Wait'll you see what they do with the Leaf Blower!

The only scene I  remember from watching "Cry of the Penguins" is the where John Hurt is crying out at the Skuas that are attacking the penguin eggs, "Leave my chicks alone!"

For all of it's praise (and these are prominent sources such as The New Yorker and Newsweek), I've never heard of "Nashville".  Karen Black always looked cross-eyed to me.

Kiss?  Hyped?  Nahhhh.

If you saw most of today's newscasters looking at a film reel, it would be because they had no idea what it was.

Yes you are.  Okay, I know I've used that joke before.

I don't recall this, but it looks like Hanna-Barbara was trying to move in on the Disney on Ice action.

"Mr. Happiness doesn't knock on your door."  That's right, he breaks it down and forces happiness upon you!  YOU WILL BE HAPPY, POTSIE!

I remember watching the premiere of the new Laugh-in and thinking it should have been funnier.  I mean, Wayland Flowers and Madame???  (This is where I anger all of the Wayland Flowers and Madame fans).

That's all for TV this week.  See you next time.

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