Monday, February 13, 2012

For the Love of Theresa

Last Valentine's Day, I premiered Charlotte's scrapbook by way of her childhood Valentine's.  Coincidentally enough, I found another batch of vintage Valentine's at an estate sale this weekend.

These date from approximately the same era as Charlotte and are also from a home in Oakville, Missouri.  I had hoped for the ultimate coincidence of coming across Valentine's from Charlotte to this girl, Theresa Perowdosky. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case.  I'm not even sure if Theresa went to a local school or simply moved to Oakville at a later date.  But at any rate, here they are for your enjoyment.  In the case where there is text on the interior, I've included it.  Some cards have art of the back and I've included that as well.  I've tried to keep all images together: front, interior and back.  Some are simply fronts.  At some point it appears all of these were tacked up and displayed.

I like how the girl that sent this card modified "Being a" boy image to a girl by added pencilled hair:

I may be wrong, but I suspect the card manufacturer wanted this girl to look like Shirley Temple:

And now a slight oddity.  Either accidentally or purposely, an old Stag Beer label was applied to this Valentine:

"Dear Teacher" was neither addressed, nor signed, so I'm assuming it was not sent.

Apparently, Love makes this Wildcat hack up hearts:

And finally, I like to think below was made by a girl whose parents couldn't afford to buy Valentines (or were too frugal) so she did the best she could with scrap wallpaper, some ribbon, and her best handwriting:

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your Valentine.

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