Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm Nuts, You're Nuts, We're All Nuts for Peanuts

I mentioned in my last post I had gone to an estate sale last Saturday morning looking for several key items. One of them was a set of early Peanuts figures I had seen on The figures were Charlie Brown, Sally, Lucy and Linus. I knew they were early because Sally was still a baby. The sale actually started on Friday, so I wasn't hopeful they would still be there. I showed up about 15 minutes before the doors opened and was 11th in line. When the doors opened, I was able to get in and immediately proceeded to canvas the house, not knowing exactly where they might be. After pausing for some character glasses (more on those in a later post), I found the figures. Unfortunately, someone had bought the Lucy. Just the Lucy. Who does that? You can't break up the Peanuts gang! I grabbed the 3 remaining figures which turned out to be made of plaster. They appeared to something you might buy at a pottery shop, paint and have fired, so not a commercially released item, but still nicely done.

This person was obviously a Peanuts fanatic. There were Peanuts-related paraphenalia everywhere. I mentioned in a past post the lack of Peanuts merchandise I come across at garage sales. This sale more than made up for that. In additon to the plaster figures, I found these bottle caps. They are from Mexican-bottled Pepsi.

I also bought these vintage Avon bathroom accessories.

Snoopy Soapdish

Linus washcloth holder

I also bought this Snoopy electric toothbrush, minus the actual toothbrush. Also missing was the dog house base.

And finally, this Made in Japan stuffed Snoopy as The World Famous WWI Flying Ace.

I believe he's missing his aviators cap.
There were bedsheets, comforters, awards, a Peanuts board game overpriced at $20, and LOTS of McDonald's toys. I passed on the remaining items as funds were limited and I had found other things more interesting.

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  1. i am sure i've mentioned my friend in seattle who collects peanuts knock-offs, and she calls them "snoppys"... right? i always love how the knock-offs somehow are just wrong somehow... they can't capture the exact look just right... often with hilarious results.


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