Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sliding Through Summer

You know you have a problem when you find slides you don't recall buying.  I either picked these up in a huge lot of banking-related slides I bought at an estate sale about a 2 months ago, or these are two sets of slides I picked up at an estate sale off of Becker Road about a month ago.  Does it really matter?  Either way, it's time for slides once again.  These slides date from 1968 through 1972.

Slides anyone?


"You shouldn't have..."  He appears to be opening a red vinyl record.  I have several records like this and they are from Asia and are compilations of American rock songs.  Someone in this family is military, so it's possible these were picked up overseas.

One-fisted Drinker.

Two-fisted Drinker.  Love the orange shag in the man cave.

The latest in Hi-Fi.

"What's in this drink?"  Notice the glass she's drinking from?  I see those at garage sales and thrift stores all the time.  It's a smoked-glass tumbler featuring the St. Louis Football Cardinals.

Is this the same woman in the next two pictures?  Cause it looks like the same dress, but her hair looks different.

Anytown, USA

Gran Torino

I give this person credit for creating a pretty unique picture, if a little voyeuristic.  The best I can figure is she's riding in the back of a pickup truck, sitting on the edge of the bed.

Honda CL160?


If that bike goes down, he's in for a nasty road rash.

Nice Mustang Fastback.  A no-prize for the first person to identify this location.

Hey, it's paid for...

Does it seem right that this dolphin is swimming in such filthy water?

Snow day

Trying to figure out this meal.  Green beans, potato chips, some sort of peppers...I have those Pepsi glasses.  I pick them up at sales and thrift stores.  Seeing this picture made me stop and wonder if I bought these at the same sale.  I don't think so, but I'm still holding out for the day I buy a slide or picture featuring an item I bought at the same sale.  Growing up, we also had those Tupperware Salt & Pepper shakers with the flip top.

Someone in this family was Vietnam-era military.  Hope they made it home.


The less said about this picture, the better...

I love that the majority of these costumes are homemade.  The one store-bought costume on the girl below already has the mask crushed.

There was always that one crafty mom who had a way with Styrofoam...

The prevalent costume theme here appears to be smear some shoe polish on your face.

Howsabout a nice Hawaiian Punch?!

I previously told the story of dressing up as a girl one Halloween.  This young lad seems to be in the same predicament, and appears to be none too happy.  At one time, one of the top 10 search strings used in finding my blog was "Boy dressed as girl" which is kinda creepy when you think about it.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Well, maybe not so much for the turkey...

"I don't feel that way about you..."

"Well, maybe I do."

Check out those snow tires on the rear

Ice Fishing

Sorry Christmas

Young love

This is how I will pose for the calendar.

Skiing in Grand Junction, Colorado

Injuries sustained while skiing?

Nothing like having a pretty girl scratch you.

A card games on a tray table.  Something very '70's about this.

The End!

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