Friday, June 20, 2014

Flash Cards of Note

I found these music flashcards at the estate sale of a former music teacher.  They date from the 40's.

We laugh in your face, Mr. Creepy Note

While the box has "Henry Teller & Son" on the front, the inside note attributes the cards to Musigame Features.

56 West 103rd Street, Chicago, Illinois.  Former site of Henry Teller and Sons.

 21421 Sloan Drive, Harper Woods, Michigan.  Former site of Musicgame Features. 

The teacher is advised to track their students progress.

"Name a Note" was somewhat simple.  The letter note on one side of the card:

And the bar note on the other.

"Name a Chord" is a little more involved.


  1. Oh MY, the face on that box cover. Were things just naturally more terrifying in the 1940s (other than the whole World War thing)?

    1. Yeah, images for kids, especially Halloween were a lot scarier back then. And don't even mention Krampus.


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