Thursday, December 18, 2014

Women's Day, December 1971

In a mad dash toward Christmas, I present more vintage Christmas magazine scans.  Some comments given, humor not guaranteed.  I give you Woman's Day, December 1971.

This ad strikes me as very contemorary and I wouldn't be surprised to see it in a magazine now.

Pooh has a thing for woman's shoes as we'll see in an upcoming issue.

Art by Mad artist Jack Davis who just retired at the age of 90 after a 60+ year career.  Way to go Jack!

This ad is pretty risque for 1971.

Note the battery reference and remember it for later.

It's hard to see in the fold, but I have those Bert & Ernie hand puppets.  I received them for Christmas around 1975.  I also have Cookie Monster, who's seen face down in the picture above.  Too many cookies, I guess.


I'm betting her favorite painter is Jackson Pollock.

Another toy ad stressing no batteries required.  Did you remember from before like I asked you to?

I've written previously on Dawn and how I coveted my sister's.  At the time, I though these were intended to be children in Barbie's world, but they were actually just scaled down versions of Barbie from another company called Topper Toys.

Yes, they're raggedy, and they're red-headed, but THEY ARE DEFINITELY NOT RAGGEDY ANN SO DON'T SUE US KNICKERBOCKER COMPANY!

 I remember a page in the Sears Wish Book devoted to crafts like these.  I'm so glad I never received any.

I remember this series of Benson & Hedges ads always with the bent cigarette end.  I gues it was accentuating the length of the cigarette?


 I'm betting you wouldn't see a company comparing their product to "pep" pills these days.

Both Brock's and Brach's made candy?!  Mind... Blown...


  1. Great stuff! I just saw that Sesame Street art today on tumblr! And that Scrambled Eggs with Cream of Chicken soup recipe? I am going to try that. :)

    1. Someone else informed me that Sesame Street drawing was done by Mad artist Jack Davis who just recently retired after 60+ years in the business at age 90!


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