Saturday, October 17, 2015

Halloween Cookery

This Betty Crocker Party Book dates from 1960 and dedicates 2 pages to Halloween recipes (kind of light if you ask me).

"When the neighborhood youngsters, all decked out as ghosts and goblins, come knocking at the door, have a tray of one or more of these easy-to-make goodies ready to pass."
Sorry Betty, homemade goods won't cut it for Treats anymore.  About ten years ago, my mom, while watching the door for me while I took my kids Trick or Treating, tried handing out homemade goodies for Halloween and the parents threw them out all over my lawn.  It was just like that scene (at 29:02) from the Halloween episode of Freaks & Geeks.

I might try out the Candy-Trimmed Halloween Cookies and use these Amscan cutters I bought at an estate sale this summer...but I won't hand any out to the Trick or Treaters.


FrankO said...

freaks & geeks nailed so many things like that. such a heartbreaking scene. having bill dress up as jamie summers made up for it, though. he was so brilliant.

Tom said...

My kids love the opener to this one. "I'll drink this much of anything for $10."

FrankO said...

is that the one where they are mixing stuff up in the blender and daring each other to drink it? hilarious.

speaking of halloween, how is your decorating going? have you seen this? looks like the game has been upped:

Tom said...

That's the episode. "And it has to be edible. Nothing from under the sink! I'm just trying to win a bet. I don't want to die."

I started decorating outside this weekend. I'll have to check that site out later. Wait a minute...Facebook? I thought you weren't on FB.

FrankO said...

i'm not, but if the links are public, i can see them when i follow links there. : )

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