Sunday, May 15, 2016


This brochure promoting the use of "Snirkles" candies in recipes as well as fund-raising was a find from today.

Mom and Dad look like they've been eating more than just "Snirkles" there.

I've never heard of "Snirkles", but the candy sure looks familiar.  They were made by the Howard B. Stark Company (not to be confused with the fictional character and father of Iron Man's Tony Stark in the comics, movies and television shows. I know. NERD!) of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Image courtesy The Imaginary World

Stark created "Snirkles" in 1920 and they were in production through the 1980's when the company was purchased by Necco.  The "Snirkle" was then converted to a lollipop and given the name "Slap Stix" which are still available today.


Bob Johns said...

The mom on the cover seems to be saying "oh god no not more Snirkle's!"

Tom said...

And dad looks so blitzed, he couldn't care less.

lady M said...

Yum - that Cream pie looks a lot like a banoffee pie I had in Scotland once. I have crave that pie ever since - where can I get my hands on some snirkles?

Tom said...

Amazon sells Slap Stix by the box full. Remove the stick and you've got a Snirkle. Oh, and save me a piece!

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