Saturday, August 13, 2016

Right Eating...Keeps You Swingin'

From 1960 comes another pamphlet promoting healthy eating to teenagers, with the promise that swingin' will go hand in hand.

From the look on their faces, "Vitamin Talk" can be quite provocative.

"Creamed Dried Beef on Waffles".  No.

One of the staple dishes in our house when I was a kid was referred by to by my mom as "Tamale Pie".  It was a favorite among my siblings and me because it wasn't stew or squirrel (yes, we ate squirrels).  My mother couldn't remember how to make it, so I was glad to see a recipe below.

My wife made it for me the other night (minus the black olives).  It tasted like I remembered and I think we'll add it to our menu.

"Let's steal mom's apron and do some Teen-time cooking!"  
"Hey, I had it first!"  


  1. So many zero-waist white people, out swingin' and making' more zero-waist white people. And they say alien cultures don't exist...

  2. Meat loaf cups. How very 60's.


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