Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Look What You Can Do...With Cottage Cheese!

The title of this pamphlet from Quality Dairy Products, a defunct dairy company here in St. Louis, hints that there were more of these pamphlets with different products following the ellipsis. 

This one specializes in cottage cheese, that most despised of all cheeses. Apparently, anything you could possibly do with it involved sliced peaches.  Actually, my father used to eat it on bread with syrup.  I'm not kidding.

The Soda Fountain Special.  "Teens adore this one".  Adore or abhor?


  1. i love cottage cheese! it's especially good with sliced fruit, or for a more savory version, salt and pepper. COME AT ME

    1. Actually, I like it too. Although, I've never understood the peach connection.

    2. you should try it -- it's really quite delicious. pineapple is kind of weird, but peaches are good.

  2. Cottage cheese and peaches - obviously a match made in heaven


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