Monday, January 16, 2017

What Time Is It?

Your first thought might be, "About 6:16", but you'd be wrong. The correct answer is "Time for new wallpaper."

What exactly are those indiscriminate blobs? Fruits? Vegetables? Something the cat hacked up? And matching curtains to boot! Anyway, extra points for anyone that can identify the brand name on that box of potato chips.


We have a winner! Illpropaganda identified the potato chip box as the A&P housebrand "Jane Parker". You can see what the box looked like in this ad.


Bob Johns said...

Hmm something tells me you wrote about the chip company but I'm drawing a blank so I will go with Charlies Chrisp. And why do these ladies always have perfect hair and makeup?

illpropaganda said...

Excellent scans, always! Looks like a box of Jane Parker brand to me.

Tom said...

Wow! You nailed it! Great work! Jane Parker was the A&P house brand which makes sense since A&P was big in St. Louis. My father worked for them.

Tom said...

>And why do these ladies always have perfect hair and makeup?
It was a time when people cared about the way they looked and cared about what other people thought of them.

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