Sunday, January 14, 2018

Reader's Digest Condensed - January 1967

Since it's the slow season for garage sales, I thought I'd bring back something I haven't done in a while.  Reader's Digest ads!  My grandparents subscribed to Reader's Digest. I liked reading the jokes, but never read the articles.  With these, I just like to look at the ads.

I couldn't find much information on Golden Glow Margarine.  It must not have lasted too long.

When a 5 cent coupon actually made a difference.

We drank RC Cola when I was a kid. I'm sure because it was cheaper than Coke or Pepsi. I haven't drank it in years. I might have to pick some up and see what it tastes like.

I would have bet this was no longer in the Campbell's soup lineup, but it is.

"We have a dog, a cat, a rabbit and a '67 Ford." I have no idea whose kid that is.

I'm a little surprised ABC waited until 1967 to go color. Then I found out NBC was the first to go color news and that wasn't until 1966.  I guess they were like, "Hey, it's just news. Not like it's Bonanza."

The records scattered on the chair is a nice touch.  It says, "Hey, this isn't just a color TV, it's an Astro-Sonic Stereo too." Well, it actually says that in the ad copy too, but you get my point.

"Look, I took the fall for you on that garden digging incident. You're going to take the broken lamp for me."

Just when you think you'll be the first person to post a picture of "Super Stripe" toothpaste, you find it on 4 other sites.  Sure 3 of them are Pinterest and they probably all stole the image from the first guy, but dang.

"Have a fireside picnic." And a case of E. Coli after eating that undercooked hamburger.

Sundays.  The day for snowballing your dad to death.

It would have been pretty cool to have "Lassie" come to your school.  As it turns out, "Lassie" (or at least a dog that resembles him (yes "him") is still touring. I wonder if it's still from the same pedigree.


  1. Interesting ads. Peter Jennings looks so young! And the final back cover pic is great. I used to love reading the jokes, too. But also loved the back cover art. Some amazing stuff was showcased there.

  2. The art on RD was always cool, now I want an RC dang it!


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