Monday, May 16, 2011

You Belong in a Dodge!

I picked this up at an estate sale in the Tam O' Shanter subdivision a couple Saturday's ago.  The same house where I bought the Dawn doll (no sale, by the way):

I'm guessing this was a promotional record dealerships would give you either when you were looking or when you actually bought a car. This one is for the 1970 Dodge line up -- Dart, Polara, Charger, and Challenger.  It's the size of a 45, but plays at 33 1/3.

I could go on about the tracks themselves, but why not listen for yourself.

Side 1:

Francis Knows the Answers

Challenger Challenges You

Side 2:


Polara, Polara

This one has the greatest alliterative ending line of a song ever: "It's a chore to check a chick in a Charger!"

Charger Charges On

You Belong in a Dodge - Reprise


  1. holy cow -- these are just.... there are no words.... omg. i couldn't even make it though a single one. THE PAAAAAIN! and people were paid for this stuff. it's like the songs were written by the brady bunch, or something.

  2. Oh, I don't know... Polara, Polara is kind of catchy and has that funky reverb at 0:15 and 0:41. :) And you can't argue with a rhyme of Polara and Scarlet O'Hara. Musical genius!

  3. Thanks for posting this - very cool. My personal favorite is "You belong in a Dodge". I think I will make it my ringtone. :)

  4. Thank you so much for posting, I live for this kind of stuff!

  5. You're welcome, Nick. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. I had this record in 1970 when I was 4 years old...played it on my kiddie record player...loved the first song! Crazy memories!! Thanks for posting! Funny that my folks had a 68 Plymouth Sport Satellite in electric blue...sweet car! They almost bought a Charger though.

    1. Glad it brough back some good memories, Kerry.


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