Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I picked up this companion piece to my Fisher Price Schoolhouse at an estate sale this past weekend.  It's the Fisher Price Family Play Farm (or Play Family Farm, depending on how you read the roof).  It dates from 1967.

The graphics are great.

I'm glad to see the cat has acknowledged the right of the mice to exist, each keeping to their side of the barn.

The doors in the roof open to a hayloft (or at least a 2D paper representation of one).  The doors, when opened, emit a groan which simulates a cow-ish moo.

 Does anybody make the connection between circus posters and barns anymore?

The farm came with an assortment of animals (all marked "Hong Kong"), including this pig.  I don't know, there's something I don't like about that pig.  Gives me the creeps.

Oh yeah.  Maybe because it reminds me of Jodie the pig from Amityville Horror.

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