Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ding Dong! It's 1973 Calling!

If anyone ever asked me what I see most of, but never buy at garage sales,I'd say it's Avon bottles.  For some reason, people collected these things like they were going to be worth tons of money.  They're not.  I guess they were the Beanie Babies of the 70's.

But when I came across a cache of old Avon Christmas catalogs, of course I picked them up.

First up are two from 1973.  They're identified as "Campaign 23" and "24".

Not much to say about these, just enjoy.

Campaign 23

My sister bought me the Snoopy bowl with Woodstock and bone soaps when I was about 5.

Campaign 24

I see these commemorative plates occasionally as well.  Again, not worth much.

I just never understood soap on a rope.  Do you wear it?  Does it hang in your shower?  WHAT?!

"Toofie".  Teach your kids proper hygiene and poor spelling.

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