Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Old But Not So Grand Opry

I bought a frame at an estate sale this weekend which I intend to use as a record album frame.  These pictures came with it.  They appear to be a tribute to a night (or rather several nights) of fun among friends in my hometown of Oakville, Missouri.  I'm unsure of the year, but I would guess mid 60's.

Unfortunately, they cut the cover off of the program, so no details on the Western Opry.

The pictures were severely degraded from sunlight.  I did my best to restore them with varying results.

These appear to have taken place in either a church or school gymnasium.  That's a pretty impressive backdrop for a local production.

The above appears to be the only picture from the actual Opry.  Others are clearly from other events, such as these from a Roaring 20's get together.

Unfortunately, this picture ripped (they were all taped to the backer) when I tried to remove it.  That's a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 behind them.

You'll notice where the oval matte laid.

The barbershop solo-ette there brought a big bottle of hooch.

Another impressive back drop.

I guess he figured a tuxedo was close enough, not really in the spirit though...

...like this quartet.  If there was contest, I hope they won.  The sun-bleached matte oval makes this one look like they're in a spotlight.  Kind of a neat effect.

The sign in background may say "Opera Oakville Elementary" which would make sense and place these in a local school.

I would guess this was a Dogpatch party.  That's a great stereo.  I wish I'd found that at the estate sale.  I'm willing to bet they brought those guns into the school.  Different times.

And finally, ending with a chorus line.

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