Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Cat Nap-kins

It's always fun this time of year, as I pull things out of my big box o' Halloween finds, to come across something I've not just forgotten I'd bought, but can't even remember buying.  That was the case with these vintage Halloween napkins.

I'm not sure when these are from, but I'd have to guess the early '70's.  Each layer of the napkin has a different picture.

Included were some smaller cocktail napkins.  This is the image when the napkin was completely unfolded.

I know this post is a little light, so why not head over to the Countdown and see what you can dig up there?


  1. i love the style of these illustrations. classic halloween cat look, with a dash of 60s/70s minimalism going on. \(=^‥^)/'`


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