Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Sometimes I Do Judge a Book by Its Cover...

...and this one looks awesome.  Frankly, I think reading it would ruin it.

Based on that plume of smoke rising from his tailpipe, he just might have an oil leak.


  1. Tom, I came across your page today.... it was an old posting about 7 years ago. You said you found this old foot locker belong to a Mott Ramsey. Well that man was my great grandfather. My father is Grove Marshall Ramsey Jr. I would love to get you two in contact with each other especially if you still have that wonderful find in your collection. Please email me at and I can share my fathers info.

    Best wishes

    Donica Ramsey

  2. Oh, I'm judging, too. I'm judging that man's hair. And I'm judging that woman, for making the decision to get on a motorcycle with a man who has that hair.


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