Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Halloween Throw

This is out of line with the usual "finds" I post, but I thought this Halloween throw blanket (actually I found 2) I picked up for 50 cents was pretty cool. It's not vintage, but has that look. 

Plus if you turn it on the opposite side, everything is reversed and has a much darker feel.

But hey, if this doesn't exactly excite you, head on over the Countdown and see what the other Halloween bloggers are up to!


  1. pretty clever having a reversible throw. i like both sides!

  2. 50 cents??? That is a freakin' steal! It is awesome!

  3. Very 1990's I would say. They are fun.

  4. @LadyM: I agree. They are recent (if the 90's are still recent. They are to me anyway).


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