Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just So You Know the Difference

*This* is Shinola:

Made by The Best Foods Inc.  These days they would need a disclaimer to warn this wasn't for human consumption.

Now that I look at it, it is kind of hard to tell the difference.

The well-known phrase was popularized during WWII and immortalized in "The Jerk".


  1. what? we don't even get to see what it looks like, so we can decide if we really CAN tell the difference between it and, uh, you know... ???

    1. Well, I had given it a half-hearted try to open it, but it was dried shut, so I gave up. But you inspired me to put a little more effort into it. After nearly slicing my stomach open with a putty knife, I've posted the results (the Shinola, not my sliced stomach). And you know what, it *is* kind of hard to tell the difference.

    2. hmmm.... if it was wetter, i suppose it WOULD be harder to tell...

      glad no blood was shed in this endeavor. thanks!


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