Sunday, January 18, 2015

What was on TV January 17th through 23rd, 1981

Get ready to adjust those rabbit ears, it's time for this week in television once again.  This time it comes from 1981, or commonly known as "Morning in America".

"TV Update" contains some banter about the infamous Suzanne Somers standoff with ABC for more money and includes some snarkiness from a "Three's Company" spokesperson who clearly doubts her supposed condition: "Suzanne Somers has a bad back.  That's why she hasn't been on the show much lately.  Or maybe it's a bad leg."

I don't recall Lou Costello wearing a Sherlock Holmes-esque deerstalker in "Hold That Ghost". And the movie was earlier in his career so I don't think his extra chin was around either.

   Well we know Charo's new talent wasn't acting.  I don't know what's harder to believe:, Larry from "Three's Company" as a hit man or scoring a beautiful woman.

Is it wrong of me to read the tagline for "Walking Tall" in Sylvester the Cat's voice and then giggling?

Meadowlark Lemon and the Bucketeers? When did Meadowlark have a falling out with the Globetrotters?

A Bob Hope "Star Wars" spoof with Perry Como, Olivia Newton-John and Mark Hamill. What could go wrong?

"The Choirboys" was the best that free television could marshall against cable? No wonder cable took off in the 80s.

Watch out! Richard Dawson is going in for a kiss! And he's going to use tongue!

None of the people featured in the Lobo ad qualify as a beauty.

Wilma's first love is Leo Sayer?

If the denim doesn't sell the jacket, the plaid collar and cuffs will seal the deal.  To be worn with a turtleneck.   ALWAYS!


FrankO said...

my question is, why don't i remember that episode of WKRP??

Caffeinated Joe said...

Good gravy, this was my golden age of television. Good stuff, good memories. The pic of Costello they used was from Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, I just watched it today, ironically, on Svengoolie. He dons the hat after their graduation from private detective school. :)

Tom said...

It was the episode where the Big Guy is giving a big long-winded speech during a meeting and everyone is daydreaming. The ones I remember is Andy's dreaming he's the Godfather and everyone comes to him for favors and Venus dreaming he's a stand-up comedian and Johnny is in the audience heckling.

Tom said...

>The pic of Costello they used was from Abbott and Costello Meet the Invisible Man, I >just watched it today, ironically, on Svengoolie.
Wow, that is a coincidence! Excellent deduction, Holmes! Invisible Man was in '51, so 10 years after Hold that Ghost, so that makes sense (the extra weight on Lou, that is).

Tom said...

And which also reminds me, I *have* to start setting a dvr event for Svengoolie. I used to watch Werewolf Mac, but I changed to uVerse and they don't carry RTV, but I do get MeTV.

FrankO said...

ok, now THAT i remember -- especially Andy as the godfather type. i just didn't remember the description given in the 'guide!

Caffeinated Joe said...

Never got RTV or saw Werewolf Mac, but since getting MeTV, I have fallen in love with Svengoolie and spend a lot of time watching old shows. CHiPs, Wonder Woman, Adventures of Superman among others. Also love that they are now airing some 90 to 120 minute long episodes of old shows each weeknight, like Macmillan and Wife, McCloud and Banacek. Also watched every Perry Mason episode over the year last year, something I didn't get to see when I was a kid. So yeah, loving MeTV. :)

Tom said...

Yeah, my dvr is pretty much filled with MeTV programming. It's about all I watch on a regular basis these days. I botched the name of the show I used to watch on Retro TV, it was Wolfman Mac and it looks like it's no longer in production. My son and I used to watch it every Saturday night with a bowl of popcorn.

lady M said...

love those matching denim jackets

Tom said...

The plaid collar and cuffs seals the deal.

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