Sunday, January 25, 2015

What was on TV January 19th through 25th, 1980

It's one week until Super Bowl, an event I never paid much attention to as a child.  I was never into sports and would have likely looked to see what the other two networks were offering. These days, my sons like to watch it and have a little party.  I typically do the cooking and just enjoy hanging out and eating with them.  In 1980, it was the Pittsburgh Steelers vs the Los Angeles Rams, a team who ended up moving to my hometown of St. Louis and who may soon be returning to LA.

Take an average 10 year old and tell them to "turn down the color control" on the TV or to "aim an antenna at the station you want to receive" and marvel at the blank stare.

I wonder if the Jergens hand model went around wearing oven mitts to safeguard the moneymakers a la George Constanza.

You just know there was some kid who ordered Kandy Korn EH seeds and was EXTREMELY disappointed to find it was for a corn hybrid and NOT the fall candy treat.

Slim Pickens AND Eve Arden? Be still my beating heart...

Every time I see a "work this puzzle, win a prize" offer I always think of the Old Man from "A Christmas Story."

So the Bea, sorry, Beatrice Arthur Special has a sketch featuring her as Steve Martin's mother but Steve Martin isn't a guest star? Shame on you CBS for the old bait and switch.

Anne Frances in that "Lost Flight" ad looks manlier than I would have thought.

Molded Horseradish Cream? Savory gelatin dishes were still a thing in 1980? Ew.

I recall my mother, who was 10 years old in 1942, being very excited about "Goodtime Girls", but then very disappointed after watching it.  The two men at the end of the line in the picture above are Adrian Zmed and Peter Scolari.  Scolari would go on to star in "Bosom Buddies", the series that would launch Tom Hanks' career, and later "Newhart" as the annoying but lovable Michael.

Brown Shoe ain't no loafer. Nope. He's not. In fact, he plays slightly neurotic characters who found inexplicable success in some of the biggest box office successes of the 1990s.

"The Neptune Disaster" from Ernest Borgnine's "water related disaster" period, but has absolutely nothing to do with "The Poseidon Adventure" so please don't sue us, Irwin Allen.

"Tenspeed and Brown Shoe".  "Coming to ABC Television on Sunday, January 27th."  And leaving ABC Television June 27th, 1980.  Better luck next time, Jeff.

In this article, Robert Ito, who played on Quincy, speaks of his and his family's internment during World War II in Canada.  I was unaware Canada had Japanese internment camps.  Ito blamed it more on the Canadian government's desire to take away the fishing and farming industry which was dominated by the Japanese than on war hysteria.  Japanese nationals were interred until 1949, 4 years after the end of World War II, and at that time were ordered to either repatriate to Japan or move east of the Rocky Mountains.

That's all for this week's issue of TV Guide.  Tune in next time.


  1. the Super Bore is still a non-event to me. even the commercials have lost their appeal. blargh.

    is that really Peter Scolari in that ad? neither of them look like him to me. i heard a podcast recently where the hosts were really slagging Bosom Buddies, saying it hasn’t aged well. i still find it a pretty funny show. it’s funny that to this day it seems like Tom Hanks won’t even acknowledge it exists at all.

    i remember liking Tenspeed and Brown Shoe. : [

    i didn’t realize that canada had internment camps, either. surprising!


    i had forgotten about him. ugh, ugh, ugh! sooo bad.

    1. >is that really Peter Scolari in that ad?
      I'm pretty sure it is. He and Adrian Zmed were the only male regulars in the cast.
      >i remember liking Tenspeed and Brown Shoe.
      I don't remember it at all.
      I used to confuse Francis the Talking Mule with Disney's Gus the-field-goal-kicking Mule.

    2. Oh, and I still don't watch the Superbowl. I'm not sure where my kids get it from, but apparently, I'm missing the sports gene.

  2. Fun! I watch the Super Bowl, but mainly cause my wife and son love the game and we all want to watch the commercials. I love the old ads in the TV Guide, by the way. The Carol Burnett Show ad here has Roddy McDowall. We just watched that episode, or at least one of them he was in, the other night. Been recording the show via its airings on MeTV. Love it. Always fun just browsing through these. Thanks again for posting them.

    1. My wife and I have been watching Carol Burnett on METV nightly as well when we go to bed. Fun to see it again.


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