Tuesday, December 1, 2015

When (Fictional) Worlds Collide

I had intended to post the November 1978 issue of Women's Day magazine last month. Unfortunately, I never got a chance to, but I would be remiss if I didn't publish at least this article. It's a guide to building your kids a playset to go with their "spage-age" figures.  Please tell me someone's parents built them this awesome set.

I love the combined play action of Kenner's Star Wars figures with Mego's Micronauts and vehicles used in these shots.  I even see a dog and a cat thrown in there.  That was the way I always played with action figures.  It didn't matter if they were Mego Comic Action Heroes (DC or Marvel), Micronauts, or random figures out of a gumball machine.  Scale didn't matter either.  I made due. They all combined to create my universe.

The first image as separate pictures so you can see some better detail:

I never had store-bought playsets or anything as cool as this.  The best I did was gluing some Styrofoam packing pieces together  and combining with assorted cardboard boxes, but it was enough. Man, I spent some hours imagining great adventures.


  1. Never saw this before, but it is awesome!

  2. There were specifically Star Wars-themed playset designs in a 1980 issue of the same mag. I've only found one photo showing one of them built by a mom (of course) for her kids, as seen in this post:


    1. Thanks for the link, 2W2N. I'll have to look for that 1980 issue. And how cool is it to see one actually built?! Way to go, Mom!

    2. Why of course? Seems a pretty Dad thing to do...

  3. Nope - we built our space stations out of blocks of wood.

  4. I would have loved that as a kid! In fact I'm tempted to get my nieces and nephews round to help me build one now! I remember covering my mum's sofa in masking tape one time back in the day, creating a futuristic roadway for my Micro Machine cars....


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