Thursday, January 2, 2020

Rock-afire Find

This being a new year, and the habit of making resolutions upon the new year being what it is, I thought I'd make one.  I don't have many vices and the ones I have, I don't want to give up (coffee, I'm looking at you), so I thought I'd make one aimed at this blog.  I resolve to make more posts in the new year.  Of course, resolutions being what they are, I can't promise how long it will last.

But, let's burn that bridge when we come to it, to merge a couple old adages.

First up is this Mitzi Mozzarella I found at an estate sale this past Fall.  I say "I found", but let me tell you the story from a proud father perspective.  

My wife and 2 daughters typically accompany me on my Saturday morning ventures to garage and estate sales and they have picked up on what piques my interest.  Not knowing what it was, but knowing it was something I'd like, my oldest daughter grabbed this Mitzi and showed it to me.

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