Sunday, February 24, 2013

East St. Louis Elf

I had to work a 30 hour shift this weekend starting Friday morning and lasting until noon on Saturday.  I was pretty tired driving home, but not tired enough to not stop at an estate sale in Oakville.  The saling force is strong in this one.

Being afternoon, I was a little late for the sale, but still found a few interesting items.  This elf I picked up for $2 was one.

His label is pretty worn, but you can still read what it says: "Souvenir of East St. Louis, Ill."

These days the only souvenir you might pick up in East St. Louis is a case of the clap or a cap in, you get the idea.

Monday, February 18, 2013

What was on TV - February 18-24, 1978

It's time once again for "What was on TV".  Today's blog looks at 35 years ago: February 18th through the 24th, 1978. 

On the cover is the ever-changing cast of Charlie's Angels.  Apparently, there was much strife on the set amongst the girls.  Blame at this point had been laid upon Kate Smith.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oh HoJo, Where'dja Go?

I bought a stack of oversized postcards at an estate sale this past weekend.  There were 12 postcards featuring 2 different designs, both for a Howard Johnson's Motor Lodge located at 6929 South Lindbergh Blvd in South St. Louis County, Missouri.

As it turns out, it was a only a few miles from the estate sale. That's my neck of the woods, so it intrigued me as I didn't remember there ever being a Howard Johnson's there.  The postcards appear to date from the late 1950's and early 1960's, based on the car models.
On that site today is a retail shopping center with a Marshalls, J. C. Penney furniture store and Krispy Kreme.  Not a hint of HoJo anywhere, completely erased from the landscape. 

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Starting with a corner drugstore and soda fountain in 1925, Howard Deering Johnson built an empire of 1,000 restaurants and 500 Motor Lodges. Known for their orange-roofed inns, weathervane-topped cupolas and 28 flavors of ice cream, they are remembered as an icon of the golden days of cross-country travel. But just as they were peaking in the 1970's, Hojo's fell victim to the oil embargo and the resulting drop in travel. By that time they had diversified their company with other restaurants such as Red Coach Grills and The Ground Round, one of which operated a few miles down the street from this location near 5731 South Lindbergh Blvd. Sold from company to company throughout the 1980's to the 2000's, there stands only 2 Howard Johnsons restaurants today, although the hotel chain continues under the umbrella of a corporate conglomerate that operates other familar chains such as Super 8, Travelodge and Knights Inn.

What Was On TV - February 12-18, 1983

Inspired by my last post, I've decided to try to make "What Was On TV" a regular feature.  This week brings us to February 12th through the 18th, 1983.  This week 30 years ago, M*A*S*H was wrapping up its 11-year run.  TV Guide celebrated with a foldout cover.  By this point, M*A*S*H had gone from zany, but sometimes poignant to downright preachy.  To my 14-year-old self, the whole "keep that damn chicken quiet" Hawkeye scene on the bus from the series finale was disturbing.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alive Mother!

One of my best scores ever was a box of old postcards I picked up at a garage sale back in the Summer of 2005.  I know, I'm reaching way back on this one, but hey, garage sales are a bit slow this time of year so I thought I'd do some "Best Of" posts.

I had found some other items at the sale and had looked at the box of postcards which was marked at $5, but put it back.  When I asked about the price on the things I did have, I balked at her quote of $8.  When I did, she said she'd throw in the post cards for an even $10.  Deal!

The postcards dated from the 19-teens to the 1970's and most were written on and postmarked from various locations throughout the U.S.  The majority were sent to a Marjorie or possibly two.  Early postcards (1917) up to about 1945 are made out to a Mrs. Marjorie Malone (husband Gomer) while later cards are addressed to Mrs. Marjorie Durham (husband Freeman).  The latest cards I have places an elderly Marjorie in Acopolco in 1980.  Mother/daughter?  2 husbands?  We may never know.

Anyway, one of these days I'll blog about the bulk of the collection, but for today I wanted to share my favorite of the lot.  It's a postcard from a carnival staged at Grand Blvd. and Laclede Ave. in St. Louis in September, 1940.

Written on the back: "Sincerely Dollette. A Midget Mother Has 3 grown sons & she's 53 years of age. Got this Sept., 1940. St. Louis, MO Carnival on Grand & Laclede.

I ended up selling this card on eBay for $64.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

What was on TV January 20th through 26th, 1979 -- The Superbowl Sunday Edition

I was never a sports fan growing up, or even now for that matter.  My family just never watched sports.  But I can appreciate the significance of the Superbowl, especially when it's given a retro spin.

A few years back, I came into possession of a large lot of vintage TV Guides.  I acquired them from Freecycle.  If you're unfamiliar with Freecycle, it's a Yahoo! Group that allows people to offer up items they no longer want.  You can reply that you want the item and then you and the other person work out a time to pick the item up.  The groups are set up by localities, usually by city or county.

It's from that batch that I present you Super Bowl XIII from the January 20-26, 1979 edition of TV Guide.

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