Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Look for the Union Label

It's been a dry spell lately, I haven't hit the garage sales the last couple weekends, however, I did do something remotely garage sale related two weekends back.  My son is a Cub Scout and each Fall and Spring, the pack does a family camp out.  Typically, we stay at 1 of 2 local parks -- Jefferson Barracks or Mastondon State Park.  This time, we stayed at Teamsters Camp 688 in Pevely, Missouri.  It took a moment to register, but this is where brothers Bobby and Gary Bradshaw stayed, as detailed in a previous post.  I was a bit surprised at the almost elitist atmosphere -- afterall, aren't these union folks your hard-working, salt of the earth laborers?

A guard greeted us at the entrance and allowed us to proceed once she had taken down our information.  The first thing I saw was the waterpark:
People At Play

then the clubhouse

followed by the golf course:

Union Hills Golf Course

There's a large lake there below where we camped.  I can imagine Bobbie and Gary swam in that lake as part of their summer camp experience.

There was RV camping

but we camped amongst the trees

My son and I had a good time, lots of activities, campfire and nighttime hike.  But to quote Bobbie, we "messed" the family and was glad to be home again.

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