Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Devil of a Sale

I was at an estate sale on the hunt for a banjo (more on that later), when I came across a box of Halloween decorations.  Most were fairly new, run of the mill pumpkin candles, etc, but this caught my eye:

Aside from being a collector of all things Halloween, this also reminded me of one of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes, The Nick of Time.  In the episode, Don Carter, played by William Shatner, and his wife Pat end up in a smalltown diner when their car breaks down.  In each diner booth is a small fortune-telling machine topped by a small devil head:

My head was part of the Halloween lot, but at $7 and nothing else in the box appealing to me, I decided to see if they would sell me the head by itself.  They ended up letting me have it for free with the other items I bought.

It's clearly a candy topper of some sort, probably a tube of those M&M imposters you see at Christmas time topped like a candy cane.  I'm not sure of the vintage.  It doesn't look that old, but I've never seen anything like it in the stores.  The closest I could find on the internet was this and this.  The first is much older, but a similar concept.  The second one is pretty close, but without the stopper.

I'm not sure how I'll display it for Halloween, but I'm sure it will find a place somewhere.

And in case you'd like to watch The Nick of Time, submitted for your approval:

Alas, Youtube has pulled the episode. But you can watch on imdb here.

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