Monday, May 9, 2011

Touch Down!

I've mentioned before in a previous post my fascination with gumball machines and their contents when I was little.  I found these at an estate sale about a month ago.

I remember seeing these a lot, but not being a sports fan, my quarters never went toward them.  And I was hesitant to let $4 go toward them at the sale, but I took a gamble.  I usually lose when I gamble.  Checking eBay once I was home confirmed my fears.  There were larger lots going for $10 and less.  I went ahead and listed them anyway with a starting bid of $4.99. The sale finished today after heated bidding with a winning bid of $32.63.  I have no idea what the particular attraction for this lot was.  I can only guess one of these is not common.  Maybe the older style Cardinals helmet or the Redskins helmet (the design being an older one).  At any rate (or at a quarter a piece), that's a lot of gumballs.

1 comment:

  1. i'm guessing it's the older helmet art. like you, i always had zero interest in the sport, but for some reason i thought these were neat. just like the baseball helmet/beer cups that you could get at one point. $32 makes for a nice profit.


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