Monday, June 13, 2011

All Mixed Up

About a month ago, there was an estate sale close enough to work that I was able to go over lunch. What drew me to it intially was a slightly off camera shot of a huge lot of swizzle sticks adverstised on I have a friend (and follower of this blog) that collects these, so I'm always on the lookout.

The swizzle sticks were still there when I arrived and I quickly grabbed those and another glass full that hadn't been shown in the picture. It was the largest collection I've ever come across (221 as it turns out).  They were $5.  One batch is in what might be an ice bucket, the others in a western-themed mug.

While going through them, I came across a note written on the back of a bank deposit slip. I did a fresh count and couldn't resist updating it:

This man was a true collector, keeping date and count of his inventory.  And he was quite the traveler.  Most of the swizzle sticks are from local now-defunct hotels and bars, but there are also a number of airline, cruise and international locations.

There are lots of duplicates and many generic swizzle sticks as well as liquor advertisements. Below are some of the more interesting ones. As I said, many of the places these come from no longer exist. I've included links on the swizzle sticks for those I've been able to locate information or at least a picture.  ***Update***  Okay, I gave up on the links.  It was just taking too long to get this post out.  Google it yourself!

Enjoy and if you recognize any of the swizzle sticks I couldn't identify, let me know!

Aruba Hotel and Casino

Bartke's Restaurant in Tampa International Airport (1952 -1956)

Dearborn Jackson Recreation, Chicago

The Gill 'n Quill

Glen Echo Country Club

Government House Rums

Heinz 57

Hill and Hill

Hill and Hill Glass Vial

Hot Fish Shop

Hotel Chase - St. Louis

Hotel Commodore - New York

There's an interesting story regarding the demoliton of this hotel where 3 men were buried in the demolition.

Hotel Desoto - St. Louis

Hotel Hamilton - The Party Spot

Hotel Lennox - St. Louis

Another Hotel Lennox

Hotel Mayfair - St. Louis

Another Hotel Mayfair

Hotel Melbourne - St. Louis

Hotel Vendome - Boston

Howard Johnsons

Inferno Show Lounge - Kansas City

Ivanhoe "Wamba" Relic from the Catacombs - Chicago

Jockey (Unknown)

Joe Hrdlicka's Cherokee Cafe

Key (Unknown)

Keyed Up Executives Unwind at Sheraton

Layton's Lounge (Now Northside Chop Suey)

Little Bevo -St. Louis

Western Airlines (I thought that was an "M" at first)

Mark Twain Hotel - St. Louis

Maui Hilton


Mrazek the Mover LAclede-5300 (still in business)

New Jefferson Hotel - St. Louis

Old Stag Top Kentucky Bourbon

Old Taylor 86

Pagliacci's Pizzeria (Now the site of a Jiffy Lube)

Palace Bar 215 East 10th Street (City unknown)

Pan Am

Parrot Jungle, Miami, Florida

Pennywise Plastics

Playboy Club

Relska Vodka "The Diplomatic Drink"

Royal Tehran Hilton, Iran

Sans Souci Hotel Berkshire, Kansas City, MO

Score with Canadian Mist

Seagram Sea Breeze

Seagram's 7

Seagram's Gin Cooler

Seagram's Golden 49

Sheraton Boston Hotel

Shearaton Jefferson Hotel -- St. Louis

Smirnoff Vodka

Southern (Airlines?)

Statler Hilton - New York

Straws (Unknown)

T. Pattaris, New Orleans (Now a Wendy's)

The Deauville -- Miami

The Domeliners -- Union Pacific Railroad

The Fabulous Topper Club -- Stuttgart, Germany

The Fabulous Topper Club -- Stuttgart, Germany

The Fabulous Topper Club -- Stuttgart, Germany

The Famous Restaurant and Lounge - Kansas City, MO

 The Gashouse (unknown location)

The Golden Ox "Where the Steak is Born"

The Monteleone Carousel Lounge

The Park Plaza - St. Louis (glass)

The Park Plaza - St. Louis

The Sands - Las Vegas Nevada

"The World Agrees on Gilbey's Please"

Top of the Mart

Treasure Isle Cocktail Lounge - St. Louis





Un Hotel Intercontinental - Tamanaco, Caracas


Waikiki Outrigger Hotels

White Horse Blended Scotch Whiskey

Wurlitzer Phonograph Music

Zebra Head (Unknown)

Phew!   The end...for now.


I've noticed this post has rocketed to my number 1 viewed position in the past month.  I'm wondering where the traffic is coming from.  If someone would share in the comments, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!


  1. hooray! outstanding instant collection. you've got some in there that are really great (from the now long-gone, lamented SANDS in vegas -- home of the rat pack!), and wurlitzer (!!), and some really awesome quirky ones. my faves are the local ones, like the bevo mill and such, and the retro-fabulous, like the tiki disney one, and the skulls.

    a couple notes: the one that you have labeled "M - unknown" i believe is actually a stylized "W", for western airlines. i have a couple of those. and the one you have labeled as a "mixer" (with the pointy prongs on the bottom) is a little muddler, probably for keeping your drink nice and mixed. judging by the prongs, it probably was for a drink with fruit in it.

    also, thank you for the ones you sent. i should photograph my collection and share them at some point.

  2. Thanks for the clarification on the unknowns. A "W" and not an "M". Wow, all in the way you look at it! That makes sense though, given the other Western Airlines mixer. Never heard of a "muddler", but now I have! I liked the Wurlitzer one myself. Music and booze, two great tastes that go great together. Love to see your collection. I know you've picked up some good ones over the years in addition to the one's I've sent you.


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