Saturday, April 21, 2012


I headed out this morning in hopes of scoring this midcentury sectional couch:

It was already sold when I got there.  The lucky buyer got it for $100. So, heading home I stopped at a few garage sales.  The Bradyrific vibe and $1.50 price tag
sold me on this 1970's Citrus Orange Toastmaster ice crusher:

I love the snow flakes on the label:

It still works great, but I'm afraid in this age of refrigerator-door-mounted ice crushers, this counter-space-taking device is a has-been.


  1. wow, someone scored big on that sectional, i agree. what a fantastic piece. as for the ice crusher, we have a hand-cranked ice-o-mat that we use. we do have an ice maker in our fridge now (huzzah!), but not a crusher. that electric one looks like it does a bang-up job. see, if you had a bar down in your rumpus room, this would be the perfect accessory for it. : )

  2. Can't sleep, creepy standing doll will get me....


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