Friday, May 4, 2012

Bugs Bunny Sticker Fun

A couple months back I went to an estate sale in Webster Groves.  I didn't find much there, but as I was leaving, I saw this on top of a wardrobe, only visible as I was coming down the steps to the basement. 

Published by Whitman in 1966, the cover wasn't in the greatest shape, and the previous owner had affirmed her ownership in purple crayon on the inside.  But it was cheap enough at a quarter.

I was (still am) a huge fan of the classic Warner Brothers cartoons. Unfortunately, Bugs and the gang never seemed to translate well into books.   In this coloring/sticker fun book, we find Bugs, Elmer (in a rare truce with Bugs), Porky Pig and his girlfriend Petunia, whom I never recall seeing in an actual cartoon.  But I guess every Mickey has to have a Minnie.

The book opens with a picnic (Bugs will regret that later) and a trip to the Big Apple.  Taking the ferry to Liberty Island, Bugs finds a sailor's life is definitely not for him.


But Bugs quickly recovers and decides to ride, perhaps foolishly, the Ferris Wheel at the carnival.  Elmer, well aware of Bugs' motion malady, looks on warily.

Still feeling peckish from emptying his stomach, Bugs hopes to find nourishment at the local snack stand only to find not only do they not have fresh carrots, but the propietor felt the need to rub it in his patrons' faces by publishing that fact clearly on the menu.

Hey, let's climb these steps to the Zoo!  Are you like me?  Do you find it odd that animals (Elmer excluded) would want to visit a zoo?

World's collide as the anthromorphic Bugs encounters his enslaved and seemingly oblivious brethren.  Or perhaps he just really ticked that while caged, they still get better eats than he does.  It's always strange when cartoon animals encounter their less humanized counterparts, perhaps the best example being Goofy and Pluto.  Then again, the most horrifying example being when Woodstock cannibalistically devours a turkey in the beloved holiday classic A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Rest assured, they return safely home, all perhaps a little wiser.  On the back cover, you can cut out your own car and characters and recreate the excitement of the day.  Vomit not included.


  1. i think this is the most hilarious thing you've ever posted. i loved every moment of it. seasickness, cannibalism.... it has it all!

  2. Hey, sometimes these things write themselves.


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