Saturday, August 18, 2012

Just my Type

At the same yard sale where I bought the shaving mug from my previous post, I found this early '60's Smith Corona Corsair manual typewriter in fabulous turquoise blue.

It's in good working condition, all of the keys strike smoothly.  It needs a new ribbon, of course.  The case is in incredible shape considering everything is made of plastic.  Suprisingly, it's compartively lightweight making it a nice portable model.

The lady selling the typewriter asked for $10, but knowing most typewriters are fairly worthless, I offered $5 and she accepted.  As it turns out, this particular model sells for a pretty good price on eBay and that's where this one is headed.


  1. wow, i would be seriously torn about selling that one. it's stunning.

    1. I was torn about selling it as well, as I typically won't buy things just to resell. I learned long ago to only buy things I wouldn't mind being stuck with. But if I didn't let some things go, the accumulation would become too much and I would be teetering on the precipice of hoarder-dom. Plus I need the money to fund further garage saling. One of the reasons I created this blog was so I could document what I buy and then let it go. A kind of virtual collection. Better than packing it away in a container only to revisit when cleaning.


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