Saturday, September 8, 2012

Five If By Land

Today was the annual Canterbury Place subdivision sale.  I started attending this and the Saxon Manor (just down the street) subdivision sale about 10 years ago.  Back when I started going, Saxon Manor officially declared a subdivision sale as well and both subdivisions had much higher participation.  This year the number of sales dwindled to maybe 20.  But being older subdivisions, they do tend to yield some nice finds, like this Polaroid 100 Land Camera I found today for $5.

It's a sizeable camera, measuring nearly 8 inches across, 7 inches deep with the bellows expanded and 6 inches tall.  The flash attaches to the top of camera by a spring-loaded clip and plugs into the camera body.  A blue plastic cover shields the bulb.

The bellows fold and collapse when storing.

It came with the original manual and a "Cold Clip" for storing photos after taking them in temperatures below 65 degrees.   You then place the cold clip (which is made out of aluminum) next to your body for warmth.  

The camera also came with an original box of flashbulbs purchased at Skagg's Drugstore for $2.99.

This model camera was manufactured by Polaroid between 1963 to 1966.  I initially thought the "Land" name implied it was good for landscape shots, but as it turns out, it's named after it's inventor, Edwin Land who also engineered the self-developing process for which Polaroid became famous. 

There's a pretty good instructional Youtube video that explains how to use this camera.

The camera operates on a 4.5 volt battery and uses 100-series film both of which are still availble and suprisingly affordable.  I ordered both today and will be shooting some pictures in the near future.

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