Sunday, November 25, 2012

Do You Wanna Dance?

I bought a large lot of slides at an estate sale in South St. Louis County this past summer.  A lot of pictures were of a family's trip to Nicaragua, but also featured some pictures from home.  I'm not sure who's family and who's friends in this pictures, but these people knew how to party.  Lots of eating, drinking, smoking and dancing.  I'm featuring the dancing in this selection -- the eating, smoking and drinking are merely incidental!  These slides date from Spring of 1969 and feature a couple different parties.  One in the home basement and another possibly a church basement.  Enjoy!

Giving lessons

Doing "The Superman"

She'll only dance with men in mustard-colored sweaters

 He's angry because she's wearing his matching pants

Rockin' the leather mini 


Swing Your Partner...

 With all that dancing and drinking, you knew the funny hats would come out.

Feelin' frisky

Maximum Party Capacity Achieved

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