Sunday, December 9, 2012

Merry Kitschmas

I found this load of Christmas kitsch in the same bag at the same estate sale where I bought the Motorola television.  In fact they're assembed on that same television in my living room now.  I find comfort in supposing they're being displayed on the same piece of furniture they originally were.

Also in the bag was a long strand of plastic holly and bell garland.  It fits perfectly in our hallway.  By the way, we don't normally keep the blender in the middle of the kitchen floor.

The bonus of the bag was this elf who promptly went on my shelf, joining the other I bought a while back.  My kids have been put on notice: there are now two elves monitoring their every move.

I found this honeycomb reindeer at an estate sale over the summer.

I found this snowman ornament at a garage sale in a mixed box which I split with my sister years ago.  The Santa and sleigh behind him was a find I profile previously.

I see these plastic nativities all the time at garage and estate sales.  They're always a quarter or fifty cents and I can never pass them up.  We have quite the accumulation.

Have yourself a Merry Little Kitschmas.


  1. wow, great collection of stuff. do you ever see any Haus glass? (like this: i have a small (4 or 5 piece collection) of holiday (and other) bent glass, and am always looking for more.

    SO GLAD to see you have a real vintage shelf elf. i'm a bit bent out of shape about that person who put out that book a few years back and insinuated that it was her mom/family that came up with that idea, and now she's got an entire industry based off of her book. we had those elves when i was a kid, too, and i know it was a common thing to have and elf on the shelf.

    who DOESN'T keep their blender in the middle of the kitchen floor?

  2. I can't say I've ever seen anything like that ashtray, although I've seen plenty of 70's smoked glass. I googled "haus glass" to see more examples, but all it returned was a bunch of bongs?!

    By the way, we've moved the blender to the living room, so progress there.


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