Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alive Mother!

One of my best scores ever was a box of old postcards I picked up at a garage sale back in the Summer of 2005.  I know, I'm reaching way back on this one, but hey, garage sales are a bit slow this time of year so I thought I'd do some "Best Of" posts.

I had found some other items at the sale and had looked at the box of postcards which was marked at $5, but put it back.  When I asked about the price on the things I did have, I balked at her quote of $8.  When I did, she said she'd throw in the post cards for an even $10.  Deal!

The postcards dated from the 19-teens to the 1970's and most were written on and postmarked from various locations throughout the U.S.  The majority were sent to a Marjorie or possibly two.  Early postcards (1917) up to about 1945 are made out to a Mrs. Marjorie Malone (husband Gomer) while later cards are addressed to Mrs. Marjorie Durham (husband Freeman).  The latest cards I have places an elderly Marjorie in Acopolco in 1980.  Mother/daughter?  2 husbands?  We may never know.

Anyway, one of these days I'll blog about the bulk of the collection, but for today I wanted to share my favorite of the lot.  It's a postcard from a carnival staged at Grand Blvd. and Laclede Ave. in St. Louis in September, 1940.

Written on the back: "Sincerely Dollette. A Midget Mother Has 3 grown sons & she's 53 years of age. Got this Sept., 1940. St. Louis, MO Carnival on Grand & Laclede.

I ended up selling this card on eBay for $64.

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