Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Midcentury Coffee Table

Earlier this Summer, my wife and I attended the garage sale of a friend of hers.  One of her sisters was selling yet another Mid-century coffee table in less than ideal condition.  It was topped by a matching glass top that was cracked.  We ended up buying the piece for $7.  I brought it home and began restoration.

The first to go was the glass top.  There was nothing I could do with it and I think even if hadn't been cracked, I would have gotten rid of it since I liked the look of the table better without it.

After disassembling the piece, I taped off the white tile inlays (sorry, apparently, I failed to get a picture of the top prior to disassembly!)

The leg looked like a dog had chewed it

Completely sanded

After adding a few coats of Minwax Provincial stain and polyurethane.

The dog bites are barely noticeable

In place in our living room.


  1. i was going to say this looks pretty similar to a table that i refinished for us, but then i looked again -- holy frijoles, are those white inlays?? that looks incredible. chalk up another amazing score!

  2. >holy frijoles, are those white inlays??

    Yes, or as my kids call them, "built in coasters". Uhhhh, no kids...


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