Friday, November 8, 2013

Cool Drink Recipes

Sure, Summer's over, but drinks can be cool anytime of the year!

I found this in the basement bar of a house in Marlborough today.  The cover is what caught my eye.  Would you accept a drink from this woman?

She looks like she thinking in her best Jack Nicholson voice, "Wait'll he gets a load of these..."

I found this tucked inside.

They had me until the Chow Mein Noodles.

Anyway, enjoy these recipes and let me know if anyone tries them!


  1. My mother made Hopscotch cookies many times when I was growing up, I always liked them. The peanut butter/butterscotch overwhelms the flavor from the chow mein noodles, they're just crunchy like pretzel sticks. Mom was a big fan of Nestle recipes and this looks it's the one she used.

    1. Well, with that endorsement, maybe I'll give them a try. I do like butterscotch. Thanks!


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