Friday, July 22, 2016

What was on TV July 18th through 24th, 1981

This week's TV Guides comes courtesy of 1981 with a cover featuring a trio of B's: B.J., Bear and Blonde.  I was going to say "Bimbo" but that seemed a bit harsh.  But seriously, her character's name was "Stacks".

I refused to watch "B. J. and the Bear" because my 6th grade girlfriend liked Greg Evigan.  I wouldn't watch CHiPs for the same reason (Erik Estrada was another of her favorites).  I know, it was unlikely I was going to lose her to either, but still... So no, I never watched "B. J. and the Bear" and yet I still can't get that dang theme song out of my head.

But let's go back to that cover.  "Why TV's Black Reporters Feel Stymied".  Really, TV Guide?  Was that intended?  Did the writer think he was being clever?  Funny?  By the way, it's a crime that's the biggest picture of Stymie I could find on the internet.

I didn't unfold the cover and scan the inside.  But don't be disappointed.  There's no pleasure found there, just a cigarette ad.

If I ever saw "The Dancing machine" at an estate sale, it would be mine.

I previously mentioned the voluminous amount of TV I watched growing up.  I can guess with 99.9% accuracy what I did Saturday, July 18th:

Superfriends, Bugs Bunny/Road Runner, Fonz, Richie Rich, Scooby and Scrappy Doo, Thundarr, Tarzan/Lone Ranger, Plastic Man, Weekend Special, Drak Pack, Abbott & Costello in the Foreign Legion, Francis Goes to West Point, Star Trek, Kung Fu, In Search Of..., Enos, Love Boat, Fantasy Island. Please don't make me tell you what I did Sunday. Oh, I wasted my childhood.

I joined a Science Fiction book club when I was a teenager.  I was pretty good about sending those envelopes back at first, but eventually I got lax and books started showing up every month. Then I discovered if you just wrote "Refused Delivery" and put them back in the mailbox, they get returned to the company.  Eventually, they sent me a letter that basically said, "Hey, how about if you just tell us when you want a book and we'll send it to you." Perfect.

Walt Disney famously asked Annette Funicello to not show her navel in the "Bikini" pictures.  She agreed at first, as shown above, but eventually her belly button made its big screen debut.

"Beatles Forever" (Channel 9 at 9) features actors and singers of the day performing the Fab Four's hits.  "The Long and Winding Road" by Ray Charles is pretty good, but it segues into an absolutely horrendous rendition of "When I'm 64" done as a duet by Tony Randall and Paul Williams.

"Tales of the Haunted" (channel 30 at 10:30) stars Jack Palance.  I don't remember this at all, but it sounds like something I would have watched. No luck finding it on Youtube.

***UPDATE***  Alert reader Grs found "Tales of the Haunted" on Youtube under the name "Evil Stalks This House".

"Incredible Hulk" channel 4 at 7:00: "David (Bill Bixby) is told that he will never walk again after an auto accident damages his spinal cord."  Spoiler alert: He walks again.  "Guest Cast.  Paul: Denny Miller".  It would be so awesome if that was SNL's Dennis Miller: "Just a minute, you green-skinned Cha-cha!"

I wonder what the author of this article would say about today's 24-hour, all-encompassing video surveillance.

That's all for this week. Tune in next time.


  1. you didn't like BJ and the Bear -OR- CHiPs?? you monster!

    now i want a Dancing Machine, too. and the more you read about Mork & Mindy, the more drama you find out went out behind the scenes. between Robin Williams' cocaine habit and all the fighting among the actors, it's amazing that show was ever made at all.

    1. >you didn't like BJ and the Bear -OR- CHiPs??
      Well, I didn't give them a chance. As I said, I refused to watch them on the grounds my girlfriend had crushes on the actors. I did watch CHiPs in reruns and enjoyed it.
      > and the more you read about Mork & Mindy, the more drama you find >out went out behind the scenes
      Ah, the Conrad Janis article. I read that too. For some reason, I seem to remember he was written out of the show and never came back, but IMDB shows him as a cast member through the bitter Mearth end.

  2. glad to see some ambitious person accomplished the crossword!!

    1. YES! If you look at previous issues to this same address, you'll notice they usually struggled and ended up filling the blanks with random letters. I was surprised to see they stuck it out and solved this one for oncd!

  3. I wasted my childhood right along with you, man. And that Jack Palance show sounds like something I would have loved, too.

    1. For the record, it's on YouTube as "Evil Stalks This House," in a heavily edited version.

    2. Thanks Grs! I've updated the post!

  4. Hot Patooty! Am I having fun going through your blogs. Great stuff!
    I've got a huge stash of 70's Tv guides myself. My favorite was the Wonder Woman toon cover. Cheerio!

    1. Glad you're enjoying it, Daniel. That Wonder Woman cartoon cover issue is worth some money.


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