Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Uncanny Finds: Pringle's Extra Rippled Potato Chips

Last year, I wrote about this Pringle's can.  This past weekend, I found a companion piece in this Pringle's Extra Ripped Potato Chips can.

This can dates from the 1980's when Pringle's attempted to enter the rippled chip market.  I'm not sure how long these were available. They are no longer on the market.

This particular can was part of a multi-pack.  Don't attempt to sell it separately.  I started wondering about the reasons for this and the resulting consequences.  There seem to be two opinions and both may be valid.  The first suggestion for the restriction is the manufacturer doesn't want the retailer to buy these at a bargain, then split them out and sell at full price.  The other  suggested reason is the individual nutritional value doesn't need to be printed on the interior units, just the outside container, although that doesn't hold true for this can.  

As for the consequences of disobeying, it would most likely be the manufacturer would stop selling to you, although, if you're a small shop buying these at Wal-mart and breaking them out, I'm not sure what could be done.  It's kind of like removing that tag from your mattress.

By the way, this style of can is patented:

I'm not sure how Lay's Stax chips avoided patent infringement other than their can is plastic and shaped slightly different.  Apparently, Procter & Gamble did in fact file a patent-infringement lawsuit in 2000, but later dropped it.

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