Thursday, November 3, 2016

Halloween Post Mortem

Well, Halloween has passed us once again.  Given October is my most active month of blogging, I like to review how I faired in readership.

Overall, my monthly readership more than doubled with over 15,000 hits in October.

Here are my top-read posts for the month.

Half of my all-time most read posts were replaced with posts from this past month.
My top referring URL was Google once again, but it was nice to see some of the blogs I follow sending me traffic.

It's always fun to see what searches lead to my blog.  "Curse of Bigfoot 1975" is my favorite from this month.

And here's where things go a little askew. The top country reading my blog was France, topping the United States by 1,400 hits.  Now, either I've suddenly gained some sort of Jerry Lewis mystique, or something is fishy in
If you throw out France's numbers, my readership returns to a normal month at around 8,000.  But hey, I'm willing to be open-minded about this.  If there's any French readers out there, drop me a line in the comments and let me know!

I didn't gain any new followers, which was disappointing, but I don't know how much people "follow" bloggers any more.  In fact, blogging as a whole continues to decline.  Even the Countdown participation seemed off this year. With all the other social media options, I guess blogging just isn't "in" any more. Which I guess is as good a seque as any to announce I am on Facebook at  If you're not on Facebook, no worries, you won't find any additional content there, just a springboard back to my blog.  If you are on Facebook, how about giving me a "Like".

And that officially brings us to the end of the Halloween season.  If you found me through the Countdown, I hope you'll stick around for Christmas and the rest of the year.  If not, I'll see you next Halloween.


  1. What I have found with followers are that they tend to be other bloggers who I establish a relationship with through comments. I consider you one of my blog friends.

    1. Well thank you, Lady M. I consider you the same.

  2. Ugh, I guess I should hop on the Facebook wagon I just hate it so much! Congrats on a good month even tho I could not post much I will take my 4,000 plus views.And I agree on no new followers such a bummer. I also promise that next week I will get caught up on your Halloween posts!!

    1. Don't feel pressured, Bob. I'm not a big fan of the Facebook app itself (I think it's poorly designed, not intuitive at all, and very clumsy to use), but there are a lot of great groups on there. If you do join, let me know.


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