Monday, March 6, 2017

Take it Easy Cleaning House

We previously learned about "The Beauty of Housework".  Only a year later (and a year and 4 months later on this blog), "Take it Easy Cleaning House" was published.  Printed by the University of Arkansas College of Agriculture and Home Economics (I'm glad the U. S. Department of Agriculture cooperated), it details the best methods for cleaning your house.  If it were an internet ad today, it would say "The way you've been cleaning your house is all wrong!"

The woman on the cover appears to be giving herself a homemade facelift by pulling her hair back.

"Published in furtherance of the Smith-Lever Acts of May 8 and June 30, 1914".
The purpose of the Smith-Lever Acts seems a little foggy to me. "An Act to provide for cooperative agricultural extension work between the agricultural colleges in the several States..." Maybe it made sense in 1914.

The illustrations look like it was done by a high school art student. Lots of odd proportions and poor perspective.  Maybe the Smith-Lever act should have thrown a little money toward their art department.

I'm not so sure that's so much "All 'tuckered out'" as it is "Life-drained Broken Spirit".

If I took a break and laid down like that after cleaning house, I'd be out in 2 minutes.

"A tidy bath is a sign of good housekeeping." Or a house where no one bathes.

"Whistle while you work -- it helps."  Especially if you use that creepy "Negan whistle" from "The Walking Dead".  It also helps if you keep referring to your vacuum cleaner as "Lucille". Your family will definitely get up and help you.

"Poison soap tools?!"  What nefarious deeds is this woman planning?!

When picking up clothes, comically stack as many hats as you can on your head.  This will be entertaining to your husband and may cause him to look up from the TV.

"Failure to keep the garage straightened up is a common failing among many families"  Failure to properly ventilate when using caustic cleaning chemicals causes hallucinations in which an anthropomorphic garage chastises you for not cleaning it better.

I have yet to find one of these pamphlets where someone has filled out one of these sections, showing just how useful they found it.

Wait...  I can get someone from the county to come clean your house as a "demonstration"? Smith-Lever act, I love you.

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