Friday, May 19, 2017

What was on TV May 9th through 15th, 1981

I know, I'm a week and a half late on this TV Guide, but it's not like you were going to use it to watch TV last week, is it? Enjoy.

Robert MacKenzie gives a scathing review of "The Greatest American Hero". I honestly wanted to like this show when it came out, but I have to agree with his assessment.

When I read this article, I thought maybe Red Dwarf's Kryten was based on this robot, but after reading it appears they both may have been based on a charcter in a J.M. Barrie play.

Diana Canova gets the double whammy with the cancellation of both "Soap" and "I'm a Big Girl Now".

I was a fan of the show "Drawing Power", but even I'm scratching my head at the lineup of "Architects, the Amish and the nutritional value of carrots".

I wasn't a big fan of "Francis" the talking mule, but sandwiched with Abbott & Costello and Ma & Pa Kettle, I'm sure I left it on.

There's a (mercifully) short clip of "Lynda Carter's Celebration on Youtube.

"The Girl, the Gold Watch and Everything" had been on Channel 11 the previous week.  This week showed the sequel "The Girl, The Gold Watch and Dynamite".

The Best Little Girl In the World full movie is available on Youtube if you're into those early '80's dramas.

Looking at this ad for Fuji and TDK videotape, I'm reminded of what a marvel the VCR was. No longer did you have to miss a show to watch another.

Sorry Bob Newhart fans. I could only find this promo.

Dick Clark's (and later with Ed McMahon) "TV's Censored Bloopers" (and later practical jokes) were a juggernaut of 1980's primetime. It became so popular, I'm pretty sure a lot of TV shows were setting up bloopers on purpose just to be on it.

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  1. SCTV reruns airing on a PBS station (p.33)! If our affiliate did that, I might consider tossing them a few bucks during pledge week.


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