Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Noisy Benders

As I predicted, this wasn't the last straw. I picked up another vintage package of Carnival straws this past weekend.

The clown is smiling because  he remembers the last time he went on a noisy bender. The screams... Oh, God, the screams...

I remember some lesson in school requiring us to stand on our head and drink through a straw to show that the liquid would still go down (or up in this case) to your stomach.  I'm not sure what I was supposed to learn by that, but that pretty much describes most of my academic career.

So you get 40 straws and two connectors.  Not much construction going on there.

What do they mean by "stay-in-beds"?  Invalids? (can I still use that term?)  Lazy people?

They all bend down here!


  1. Classic. That clown image is so imprinted on my memory.

  2. "stay-in-beds"? what a weird term. i suspect it refers to invalids, but yeah -- why didn't they just say that?

  3. "Mother's helper"? No, she keeps that in the top drawer of her bedside table.

  4. Man now I want green kool-aide out of a poke-a-dot pitcher at my grandma's house!


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