Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Magic Snakes, Glo Worms and Memories

Happy 4th of July to my American (United Statesian?) friends. And Happy Wednesday to everyone else.

Growing up (here he goes again), we never had much money for fireworks, but every once in a while I'd get my hands on leftovers that didn't go off or someone just didn't light.  I remember combing the streets of my sister's subdivision on July 5th looking for remnants at the ends of driveways.  I also remember trying to secretly light them out of sight from my parents.  Note: If you are going to secretly light fireworks, don't do it on Sunday morning under an aluminum awning. Makes a very loud noise at a very quiet time.

Maybe that's why I liked snakes.  Not, the real kind, I was scared to death of those. I'm talking about the "Magic Snakes" that started as black pellets.  Once lit, they would ooze their way across the patio leaving black stains and toxic stench everywhere. But they made no noise.

I found these vintage boxes of "Magic Snakes" and "Glo Worms" this past year.  Vintage fireworks aren't particularly collectible, or at least not terribly valuable, with the exception of a few with desirable packaging, but I find the various artwork interesting. These probably date from the 1970's.

If you enjoyed these, you might like perusing what Google offers as the largest collection of vintage fireworks.

And if you're lighting your own fireworks today, remember: light and get away.


  1. "Guaranteed not to contain poisonous mercury" -- WHEW! that's a relief. my mom only lets me light the snakes containing the non-poisonous mercury, so the Fourth of July festivities are officially saved!

    1. That's right, no poisonous mercury. Lots of other poisonous elements, but not Mercury.

  2. I love the snakes. We were only allowed to do those and stink bombs. My mother was sure we would blow our fingers off!

    1. And you can thank her that still have all 10 today.


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