Thursday, March 28, 2019

If You Want Me, Just Whistle

I have a weak spot (read "sucker") for old appliances and electronics.  I love the gadgetry (even the failed ones) the 1950's and '60's brought.  This predecessor to "The Clapper" falls in that category.

The "Whistle Switch" plugs into an outlet and provides one outlet (non-polarized. Think narrow slots.) for whichever appliance you choose.

Two small whistles similar to a dog whistle (although you can hear these) are provided.  An attachable bulb is also provided in case you lack lung capacity.

Similar to "The Clapper", when the whistle is blown, an electronic switch is thrown to allow current to pass (or shut off) to your appliance.  Alas, mine has gone deaf and doesn't work. And good luck making good on the one year warranty at this point.

There is a Signal Science company still around, but I don't think it's related.

 Some suggested appliances you can control.

The box also provides some examples of the benefits of "Whistle Switch".

Sure, being an an avid projector hobbyist, I can relate to tripping in the dark trying to turn the lights on after a movie is over.

And I can see the benefit it would provide to the bed-ridden or wheelchair-bound.

But here we see it put to its best  use: an emergency off switch in the event a clown appears on your television...especially late at night.

Switch on lights without leaving your you can be sure there are no clowns waiting for you in the dark.

Based on the lack of information on the internet, the "Whistle Switch" doesn't appear to have been as successful as "The Clapper".  Of course, "The Clapper" had that commercial with the catchy jingle.  Shows what marketing can do.

"The Clapper" is still sold on Amazon.


  1. I remember as a child the neighbours across the street had an ultrasonic remote control for their TV. I had never seen a TV remote control before than so it absolutely intrigued me.

  2. It's interesting what was around back then. I just bought a induction range uses magnetic field to operate. I thought this was recent technology but found out they had it back in the 1950's but it just didn't catch on then.

    1. Renovated the kitchen last year and put in an induction cooktop. Can never go back! Love the look on peoples faces when I boil a cold cup of water in 30 seconds, and then remove the pot and put my hand on the cooktop, or throw a newspaper on the cooktop and boil the water through it.


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