Friday, April 5, 2019

April Fools...uh...on me?

One of the reasons my posts are sporadic is my rigidity in wanting to publish something during the appropriate season, or even on an exact day.  I stage posts in folders to be blogged later in the year, then completely forget about them. Case in point, April Fools Day.  I had this page from the Holiday Fun book scanned and ready to go since this past summer.  I know I can schedule posts ahead of time, but I always think I'll remember when it gets closer to the actual day.

So enough with the excuses. I'm not waiting another year.  Enjoy this April Fool's joke on me.

p.s. I don't know if there was an answer key to this picture. You decide what's right and what's wrong. Personally, I could see all of this totally happening.


  1. I found maybe 11? I was never really good at these things.

    1. 11 is what I came up with too. Let's compare:
      Apples in tree
      Pin cones in non-pine tree
      Christmas Tree
      Jack O' Lantern
      Umbrella missing fabric
      Walking rabbit
      Wrought iron railing in wooden fence.
      Coon skin cap
      different pattern on pant legs
      different style shutter on house
      porch step on house

      Anyone see anything else?

  2. i don't see anything other than what's on your list, but to me the only thing REALLY wrong is that coonskin cap. fur? in april? that guy is nuts!

    1. Hey, you can be a slave to fashion or the seasons. Your choice.

  3. It's funny because there are lots of people around here that leave their decorations up way past the holiday is over. there are people that have Halloween decorations up around Christmas and Christmas decorations when Easter rolls around.

    1. Or those like me who put halloween up in july or August lol.


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