Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Wacky Puzzle

A couple Halloweens ago, I blogged about my memories of receiving Wacky Packages in my treat bucket one Halloween back in the 70's.

I found this Jaymar Wacky Packages puzzle at an estate sale for $1 a couple weeks ago.  It's from 1973 and features Wacky Package cards from Series I, II and III.  The picture is a montage of Wacky Packages in various sizes.

It was a little disappointing to see duplicated Wacky Packages throughout the puzzle.

The box lid doesn't fully display the puzzle image, so it made it fairly challenging to put together.  My daughters and I put it together and I chuckled nearly every time I completed a Wacky Package.  Below are the actual Wacky Packages from some of my favorites shown in the puzzle.
I included this one strictly for the "begorrah".

I'm at a loss for what product this is parodying. Any ideas?
This is actually an accurate name for "Jiffy Pop".  I bought a couple this summer to show my kids.  They barely popped and had lots of kernels left over.
There are quite a few Wacky Packages that take shots at the obese.  Fair game in 1973. Not so much anymore.

I have to admit, the one above made me laugh out loud (LOL, as the kids say). I guess I'm a bad person.
They also take shots at the not so bright.  Probably another taboo these days.
And don't forget the feminists.  Those crazies.

Guns on children's packaging? Guns pointed at the head of a person while someone pulls out his teeth with a pliers on children's packaging?  Check and check.  No problems here.
Rope tied around someone's neck?  PRINT IT!
And here are a few that should have made my Halloween post since they fit the spirit.

After 67 years in print, Mad recently announced it would cease publication this fall.

Quoting myself from the previous post:

In 2010, Topps released "Wacky Packages Old School" which parodied products from the 1970's they hadn't in the previous series.  While a noble effort, for me, they lacked the charm of the original series. Or maybe you just can't recapture the magic of a Halloween night as seen through a 7-year-old's eyes.
But apparently you can capture the magic in a puzzle.


  1. I want that puzzle Tom - what will you sell it to me for?

    1. Hi Lady M. I actually already listed it on eBay, but if it doesn't sell, it's yours!

    2. It's your lucky day, Lady M. The puzzle didn't sell. Send me your info to and I'll be glad to send it to you.


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