Friday, August 9, 2019

What was on TV August 7th through 13th, 1982

Picking up the week after our last TV Guide post is this week in 1982's TV Guide featuring Carroll O'Connor and Denise Miller.

With the success of the ABC's recent "Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear's All in the Family", the network has just announced two more specials.  Hopefully the network won't decide to do "Live in Front of a Studio Audience: Norman Lear's Archie Bunker's Place".

The ad on the left is entitled "Make a Wish".

GE Lets you watch Whoever, Whatever, Whenever,Wherever, However.  None of our business. Wink, wink.

At first I thought the girl standing on the right was a young Demi Moore, but too young. Demi would have been 20 in 1982.

The woman in this ad always reminds me of  Janine Turner. It's not her.

I don't recall Aldens, but apparently they were a mail-order catalog store similar to Sears. They dissolved the catalog store portion of the business in 1985.

"Coke is it!" is a perfect slogan for the '80's. And not the soda.

I'll skip reviewing Saturday morning since I just looked at it last week.

The 1-cent record deals had moved into the cassette age.

I remember a girl in band read these and/or Harlequin novels throughout the class. I don't think she actually ever played her instrument. Googling these, it looks like either these were Harlequin books or Harlequin bought them out some time ago.

Oooh. A free gift!

Not sure this was the biggest reason for owning a VCR.  $2,900 in 1985 is almost $7,000 in 2019.

What's the gift?! What's the gift?!

I vaguely recall the show "Filthy Rich". The premise was a dysfunctional family who were bequeathed a fortune with the stipulation they all live together in harmony.  The episodes typically centered around the devious members trying to declare the will invalid in order to gain all the wealth themselves.  Despite having some of the more popular actors of the era including Dixie Carter, Delta Burke and Ann Wedgeworth, it only lasted 2 seasons.  Actually, with that premise I'm surprised it lasted that long.

The Renegades: Everyone got a cool name except the girl. And everyone finds something very funny, except the black guy. The series only lasted 6 episodes, but starred a young Patrick Swayze. He was "Bandit".  "Tracy" was played by Tracy Scoggins.  So not only did she not get a cool nickname, she had to use her real name.



Big Red was back, but only for 5 more years.

Oh... A tough practical Sports bag.  Whee.  I thought it might have been something fun like a phone...

"Now when I kill the germs, I kill the pain as well.  The pain of living alone all these years. The feelings of abandonment. The pain of knowing all I'll ever have is this greenhouse. This greenhouse and the memories of what could have been.  That's why I drink Jack Daniels.  Jack Daniels. It kills the pain."

Joe Piscopo was SNL's wonderkind for a few years before he wigged out and became a body builder.

"Wait Till Your Mother Gets Home". At first I assumed this was a "Mr. Mom" knock-off, but apparently that didn't premiere until 1983. I guess Paul Michael Glaser's no Michael Keaton.

I don't remember "Powerhouse", but given the premise of "amateur teen-age sleuths who pick up clues to weight control, physical fitness, alcoholism and desicion-making" it's not a mystery why I don't remember it. It lasted 16 episodes, but was rerun on Nickelodeon a few years later.

And that's it for this week's trip to 1982. We now return you to the 2019, already in progress and slipping away like crazy.


  1. Flash Gordon on Skinamax? Seems like the infamous soft-core parody Flesh Gordon (1974) would be a more appropriate selection.

    Another classic WKRP episode this week, "To Err is Human" (p.36).

    Main thing I recall about Filthy Rich is that co-star Slim Pickens died between the first and second season, ironically playing a deceased relative! (He was shown each week in a videotaped will).

    1. >Main thing I recall about Filthy Rich is that co-star Slim Pickens died >between the first and second season
      Did I read correctly he was replaced by Forrest Tucker?

  2. Hmm - make a wish? The ad should be entitled - "How to hurt your neck doing a headstand". I finally posted about the puzzle.

    1. Cool, I didn't see it yet. I will check it out.

  3. Love looking through these old things. Thanks for scanning and sharing!

    1. Glad you enjoyed the step back in TV time.


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